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Resources | An Aging in Community Residence

With a focus on the whole person, rather than any illness one may have, Crosaires believes elder care begins with care. We care for the person who is still growing, learning and living. We share these strong values with other groups and organizations attempting to change the culture of elder care.

We invite you to review some of the following resources, including links to other websites, and welcome any questions or comments you have on the subject.

Crosaires featured on WKAR 90.5-FM
Michigan Radio's Scott Pohl visited Crosaires for the reWorking Michigan series.

Todd Walter on LCC cable show Connections

The founder of Crosaires visits the Lansing Community College cable show to discuss the aging in residence community and how LCC helped him. Click here to watch the segment.

Capital Gains Media focuses on Crosaires

Lansing area online magazine discusses Crosaires with founder Todd Walter shortly after its opening in 2012 (Click here) and again in 2014 (Click here).

Changing Aging is a network of pro-aging blogs, with the belief that aging is a strength.

The Eden Alternative is a non-profit that strives to make a difference in elder care.

The Michigan Assisted Living Association offers resources for care providers to elders.

The Pioneer Network was founded in 1997 and is an advocate for person-directed care


About our Founder

Todd Walter

Todd E. Walter

Founder and Owner

Todd has more than 25 years experience in serving older adults and is viewed by others as a leader in progressive eldercare advocacy projects in the state of Michigan and around the country.

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